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Master of Arts

Arts Management/Arts Marketing
George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia
May 2011
GPA 3.92
Area of Concentration: Non-Profit and For-Profit Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Research: “The Organizational and Governing Structure of German Art Museums.”
“The United States Government’s Interest in the Promotion of Arts and Culture to Construct National Identity, Democratize Culture, Sponsor Cultural Democracy, and Produce Cultural Equity.”

Bachelor of Arts

Business Studies
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
May 2004
Magna Cum Laude
Area of Concentration: Marketing and Music minor
Research: “The Management & Economy of the Colorado River Basin. A look at the political, social, economical, and environmental aspects surrounding the river and its communities.”
Graduate Certificate
Public Relations and Marketing in the Arts
George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia
May 2011
GPA 4.0
Music Instructor

Speech Level Singing Instructor
Method to over 120 Grammy Winners
Speech Level Singing International, Los Angeles, California


My research interests encompass the use of social, human, and cultural capital to analyze the career mobility of entrepreneurs and how these forms of capital influence global markets. Specifically, I focus on the skill-set acquired by entrepreneurs and the career mobility of entrepreneurs to working for corporate organizations. Additional interests are within the use of technology and media utilized for communication among societies particularly the use of social media, the Internet, and technology to advance the music entrepreneur’s career and ability to communicate with its audience so they can better understand local popular music heritages.


Independent Marketing/Business Consultant
September 1999-Present
Image Arts Consulting- Utah, Washington, D.C., and Colorado
·       Assisted nonprofit arts organizations in marketing, website content and updating, membership advancement and retention, and board member meeting logistics.
·       Utilized target-market research to identify target audiences and create all advertising, promotional/branding materials, social media programs and giveaways, newsletters, email blasts, and websites for businesses/events.
·       Found investors for small businesses, raised many five figure investments such as $85,000.
·       Assisted entrepreneurs in developing and creating lucrative small for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.
·       Created grant proposals and researched funding information for universities, national and international sports organizations, international music schools and universities, animal rights non-profits, performing arts schools, arts organizations, and government agencies.
·       Consulted for business owners on business plan and start-up to develop a profitable and successful company.
·       Branded companies’ image, message, and branding promise by creating logos, business cards, promotional materials, website, press releases, and viral marketing tools, all consistent to the companies mission.
·       Established budgets, strategic business and marketing plans, spreadsheets, and accounts payable/receivable.
·       Designed and executed fund raising social media campaign for arts high school to raise funds of $35,000.
Charlie Pants Music Studio, LLC: Owner/Artistic Director- Utah, Washington, D.C., and Denver, Colorado
·       Taught internationally to an expansive clientele who have competed on American Idol, X Factor, BET, nominated for Latin Grammy’s, toured professionally on Broadway, and signed major recording contracts.
·       Developed an international virtual music studio designed to help students to improve their musical skills, acting, and stage abilities and to better understand the popular music industry.
·       Taught collegiate level music clients daily in: singing, guitar/piano accompaniment, songwriting/music theory, choral, musical theatre/stage performance, and recording songs using Pro Tools and other recording software.
·       Prepared, advertised, and instructed monthly music business, artist management, and performances held in the community.  Consulted with media sponsors for publicity on events and individual music clients.
·       Wrote press releases, created press kits, oversaw on photography and publicity photos, and designed student websites. Negotiated ad placements in newspapers, local news, blogs, social media, and other sources.
·       Assisted in planning bi-yearly music conference targeted towards 300 plus local singing teachers and students.
·       Organized fund raising events for non-profit organizations through benefit concerts raising $2,000 per concert.
·       Negotiated business agreements with international prestigious vocal coaches to increase business 400%.
·       Organized network of music teachers and arts organizations to do collaborative marketing projects.
·       Managed $100,000 plus budget and implemented a plan to decrease delinquent payments.
Entrepreneur/Co-Owner                                                                                                  June 2007-February 2009 Brain Map Tech                                                                                                                        Salt Lake City, Utah
·       Approached business investors and donors to obtain $80,000 for start-up financing. 
·       Created all promotional materials including pamphlets, business cards, postcards, website, and online ads.
·       Developed financial start-up costs and one-month, six-month, one-year and five-year projections for business.
·       Found investors to purchase Brain Map Tech once business was profitable.

NONPROFIT/HIGHER EDUCATION EXPERIENCE                                                            
Associate Director
June 2009-May 2011
Board Member Institute & George Mason University Arts Management Department
Fairfax, Virginia
·       Conducted market research through surveys, student and volunteer focus groups, and community input to develop target markets. Created marketing and promotional materials for designated target markets.
·       Administered and wrote grant proposals, letters of inquiry, and researched pertinent donor information and communication with donors for funding for The Board Member Institute of the Arts Management Program.
·    Established partnerships between George Mason University programs, local and national arts foundations and arts councils, and arts organizations to increase pool of community, family, corporate and private foundations.
    ·       Collaborated with the community, board members, and George Mason University to advance the Board Member Institute sessions regarding governance and financial management training.
    ·       Edited and assembled weekly and quarterly Arts Management newsletters.
    ·       Designed and developed Board Member Institute website and blog.
    ·       Handled confidential and sensitive information while maintaining department records and files.


    Spring 2011
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Music Recording Technology
    1. Music Business: Overview of the Recording Industry/Marketing in Music (MUS 130): Creator & Lecturer
    2. Introduction to Recording Techniques (MUS 140): Lecturer
    ·       Developed course and innovative program curriculum infused with technology to maximize learning.
    ·       Introduced and surveyed employment opportunities in the different areas of the popular music industry including songwriting, live performance, the record industry, music merchandising, marketing, contracts.
    ·       Instructed and actively engaged students on music business models with regard to recording, publishing, promotion, performance, and touring. Discussed appropriate business skills necessary to ensure success.
    ·       Instructed students on how to create relevant press kits in the popular music industry.
    Spring 2011
    Teaching Assistant: Graduate Department of Arts Management
    1. Public Relations and Marketing in the Arts (AMGT 604): Teaching Assistant and Lecturer
    ·       Utilized technology in the classroom to instruct graduate students on the unique challenges faced by publicists and marketers in both national and international nonprofit and commercial arts institutions.
    ·       Helped students identify and incorporate various branding structures and cultures while creating a viral marketing campaign geared towards reaching out to the community.
    ·       Taught on developing and implementing marketing and publicity strategic plans.
    ·       Instructed on entrepreneurship and how to successfully run a non-profit business.
    Guest Lecturer: Graduate Department of Arts Management George Mason University
    1. “Brand Identity & Development/Understanding the Mission: Brand Investigation” (AMGT 604)
    2. “Working with Various Media Outlets: Newsletters-Getting Your Message Across” (AMGT 604)
    3. “Merchandising and Promotions/ Viral Marketing Campaigns: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube” (AMGT 604)
    Summer 2009
    Guest Lecturer: Diversity & Study of Disabilities - “Disability Laws and Rights: How Businesses Can Ensure Following the ADA and Not Discriminate against Service Dog Teams,” The Study of Disabilities (EDU 1400)


    Career-Mobility/Life After Entrepreneurship
    Over the past three months I have been discussing with Professor Bret Fund on the career dynamics of self-employment and the role this plays in one’s future career.  I have started researching the works of Elaine Mosakowki and career mobility.

    Study of Arts Organization Management in Germany
    I administered quantitative and qualitative research on the ways in which arts museum organizations in Berlin, Leipzig, and Dresden, Germany are governed, managed, and organized and compared my findings to the United States non-profit model. Before the trip I had a semester long class on researching how these organizations are managed and governed, its organizational structure, and financial management.  The goal of the class was to classify features of the arts organizations, count them, and construct statistical models in an attempt to explain what we observed.  I developed questionnaires, surveys, and organized interviews with experts in the field.  While in Germany I collected data through interviews with experts, toured and visited the arts organizations, and administered questionnaires and surveys.  After returning from Germany, I analyzed my data, wrote and extensive research paper on my findings, and presented it to program director and my peers.

    Board Member Institute
    I conducted research on the financial management of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  As Associate Director of the Institute, I created and administered surveys and questionnaires to local arts organizations, collected the data, lead interviews with artists and leaders in the community, and evaluated and effectively communicated my data findings to the program head, Richard Kamenitzer.  I also constructed proposals and projects for the ways in which large arts organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra manage its finances and its organizational structure.  I also assisted with and instructed the bi-yearly educational trainings specialized in financial management and organizational governance.

    Research Fellow and Teaching Assistant for Karalee Dawn
    I worked as a teaching assistant for the Arts Management graduate program and as an adjunct professor of music entrepreneurship and technology at Northern Virginia Community College.  While designing and producing the content for these courses, I was able to do extensive reading and background research into a variety of principles of organization.  From this study came many insights into future research ideas and topics.  Working as a teaching assistant sparked my interest in researching how entrepreneurs can promote and advance their business. I administered research in and instructed on the importance of social media and the Internet to be used as a tool to advance organizations, especially small entrepreneurial businesses. I did research regarding the power of blogging, social media -Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,-contests/giveaways, and how this can be used for fund raising and promotion.

    The Management & Economy of the Colorado River Basin
    I researched the political, social, economical, and environmental aspects surrounding the Colorado River and its communities.  We traveled around Central and Southern Utah and Arizona and interviewed BLM members, key environmentalists and conservationists, Glen Canyon Dam workers, and other experts to get a wide range view of the economic issues surrounding the Colorado River, Glen Canyon, and Lake Powell. During this class I administered interviews, analyzed case studies, carried out surveys and questionnaires, and wrote an extensive research paper on the controversy of if Lake Powell should be drained to restore Glen Canyon to its natural environment.


    World Animal Life Foundation

    January 2011-Present
    Fundraising Director and Board Coordinator
    Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Miami, Florida
    ·       Completed research for potential donors for the foundation.
    ·       Scheduled and organized meetings with donors to ask for funds.

    Sundance Film Festival
    January 2007-January 2012
    Crowd Liaison
    Park City, Utah
    ·       Six years working as theater assistant: ticketing, ushering, and customer service.
    ·       Presented information for festival customers on current films, where to purchase tickets, music venues, performances, hotels, and outdoor activities.
    Arts By George Fundraiser, George Mason University
    October 2009, 2010
    Kauai, Hawaii
    ·       Assisted with the planning and orchestrating for George Mason University’s Arts Management Program’s annual fundraiser, Arts By George.
    At Your Service Dogzz
    July 2006-June 2009
    Disability Community Spokesperson/Volunteer
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    ·       Lead promotional strategies targeted for reaching disabled individuals including the development of website/blog for organization.
    ·       Facilitated and located financial support through fund raising, benefit music concerts, and grant writing. 
    ·       Presented at college campuses and classes on disability laws and service dogs.
    ·       Distributed and created service dog educational packets to local businesses to ensure service dog awareness.
    ·       Assisted fellow disabled class participants with basic dog obedience and specific task training for their respective disability.
    Habitat for Humanity
    February 2004
    House Builder
    Kauai, Hawaii
    ·       Two-week service mission with Westminster College building houses for residents of Kauai, Hawaii.
    2002 Utah Winter Olympics
    January-March 2002
    Canada House Volunteer
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    ·       Worked in the Canada House in hospitality, security clearance, and press assistance.


    ·       Director’s Award from George Mason University for outstanding leadership in advancing the Arts Management Program. 2011.
    ·       Leader in the Arts and Community $10,000 scholarship from Wasatch Mining Consultants for being an arts leader and making a difference in the community. 2010-2011.
    ·       International Research Grant $3,000 grant from George Mason University to administer arts management research in Berlin, Germany. May 2010.
    ·       Arts Management Scholarship $3,000 scholarship from George Mason University for academic merit. 2010-2011.
    ·       Presidential Award and Scholarship $40,000 scholarship from Westminster College for academic merit. 2000-2004.
    ·       Music Scholarship $6,000 scholarship from Westminster College for excellence in music program. 2001-2004

    ·       Speech Level Singing International (SLS) international music method to over 120 Grammy winners.
    ·       Americans for the Arts
    ·       Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado at Boulder
    ·       Board Member Institute (BMI)
    ·       Arts Schools Network
    ·       World Animal Life Foundation (WALF)

    ·       Music: Singing, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting and Composition, Teaching, Performance, Theory. Pro Tools.
    ·       Theater:  Advanced Training in Acting, Musical Theatre, Make-up, and Costume Selection.
    ·       Art: Art history knowledge, Web design, painting, and drawing.
    ·       Computer Skills: Proficient in PC and Mac applications including Microsoft Suite: Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. QuickBooks. Blackboard. Illustrator and Photoshop. Social Media Tools (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, Foursquare). Video Editing. Wed and Graphic Design. Survey Monkey. Basic HTML.